Distraction Politics

Outrageous statements by this president distract us constantly. Often there is no time to build the groundswell of outrage into action in one area before we have a new outrage and cause for action. Now, while we are still reeling from the mass shootings in Dayton and El Paso, the ICE actions in Mississippi raise so many concerns.

We are distracted. And it is hard not to get discouraged.

Perhaps the biggest distraction of all is the constant focus on this president, which makes us think the key to everything is overturning this presidency. Of course we must work for that. But we have to control Congress to implement the programs the current presidential candidates are talking about. We have to elect good candidates to the Senate. Rather than donate to presidential candidates, find a worthy Senate candidate to support. We can’t let distraction politics interfere with the End Game.

4 Replies to “Distraction Politics”

  1. A nasty thought: Trumpism has moved the norm so far, that we could get rid of this guy and get something worse- a smart guy who cleverly hides his agenda.

  2. Agree with you 100%, Mary! for the same reason, I wish the Democratic candidates in debates would at least mention the role of Congress — instead of focusing on their detailed policy differences as though health care, for example, is decided by Presidential fiat.

    1. Yes, and I wish they would sometimes say to the media who are busy hyping the disagreements among them that the big gulf is between all of them and the other side.

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