The Lone Star state is a state in transition. Some of this transition results from demographic changes, but some seems to come from a new energy, personified by the dynamic activism of Beto O’Roarke. A strong progressive movement is rising in Texas, along with a staunch Blue liberalism. The change is so pronounced that some analysts are talking about Texas as a purple state with a chance of voting Blue in November.

Republican incumbent: John Cornyn

Why Cornyn is a target: Cornyn is one of those Republican Senators whose unremarkable reputation—31% of polled voters either had no opinion of him or didn’t know who he is—has deteriorated along with his embrace of the lawless behavior that led to the impeachment of the president. The fact that Cornyn is a former Texas Supreme Court justice and state attorney general only underscores the cynical corruption that has taken hold of this Senate seat.


Democratic challengers: M.J. Hegar vs Royce West will face off in the upcoming May 26 runoff.

Why Hegar is ready to compete: People met M.J. Hegar when her 2018 video “Doors” went viral. Hegar told the story of breaking barriers to become one of the few women to fly combat missions in Afghanistan. Hegar was one of 12 Democratic candidates on the ballot in the March 3rd primary election. She had an endorsement from the DSCC and a head start on her competition in fund raising. Hegar came out ahead in the primary.

Why Royce West is a power broker:  The sign of true dedication is when a politician works as hard for someone else as he would work for himself. This describes Barry West, who played a critical role in turning Dallas County blue by arranging transportation to polling places, calling voters who had never been called before, hosting events and putting his reputation on the line to secure donations.. He’s a known quantity to his community and will be a tough competitor.