Maine is an interesting state with one very small congressional district and one very large congressional district. The southern District 1 encompasses the counties surrounding the cities Augusta and Portland and is safely Democratic. The northern District 2 includes the vast rural area in the rest of the state, and is currently represented by a Democrat in the House, but by a slim margin of victory. The voting turnout is approximately the same for both districts, at upwards of 300,000 votes. Donald Trump was the first Republican to win Maine’s 2nd district since GHW Bush in 1988.

Republican incumbent: Susan Collins

Why Collins is a target: Susan, Susan, Susan. We hardly knew you.

Senator Collins has been expressing her disappointment. She was disappointed that women resented her vote for Brett Kavanaugh. She was disappointed that her vote for tax cuts might affect her reelection chances. She was extremely disappointed that people would call for gun safety legislation so close to the tragic mass shooting in El Paso. She was disappointed that her vote for witnesses at the Senate trial did not result in witnesses. And since the trial, she has been especially disappointed that Trump hasn’t learned the lesson she expected him to learn.

Perhaps the only people more disappointed than Susan Collins are the people who voted for her.

Democratic challenger: Sara Gideon

Why Gideon is our favorite candidate: Sarah Gideon is one of five Democratic candidates Maine voters will find on their primary ballots, but early on she distinguished herself from the group. EMILY’s List calls Gideon “A proven leader and dedicated public servant,” and Gideon’s record bears this out. She first ran for Freeport Town Council in 2009. Now she’s serving her fourth term as state House representative, the last two as Speaker. Her endorsement by the DSCC calls her a “top recruit,” and Press Herald reporter Kevin miller credits her latest legislative session as “filled with progressive victories.” Gideon tells her own story in her campaign announcement.

Meet the Maine Democrat challenging Susan Collins

Full list of Democratic candidates:

Sara Gideon @SaraGideon

Bre Kidman @BeeKay4ME

Ross LaJeunesse @RossforMaine

Betsy Sweet @BetsySweetME

Jonathan Treacy @Jon_Treacy

Mary: Given the way Collins handled herself through the Kavanaugh hearings and the Senate impeachment trial this feels like an important one to win.