Iowa may not be so much a swing state as a mood state. Sometimes it’s in the mood to elect Republicans, sometimes it’s in the mood to elect Democrats. The margins of victory are not small, as they usually are in a swing state. Joni Erst won the state by 9 points, as did Donald Trump. In 2008, Barack Obama won Iowa by 10 points. Let’s hope Iowans are in the mood for another Democratic senator in 2020.

Republican incumbent: Joni Ernst

Why Ernst is a target: Where to begin? Joni keeps leaking the ugly secrets. First, it comes out that she’s trying to cut Medicare and Social security behind closed doors. Then she says the quiet part out loud, wondering how Russian propaganda (repeated by Trump’s lawyers during the Senate impeachment hearings) will affect Joe Biden’s outcome in the Iowa Caucus. Then there’s her record against women. On November 20, 2019, Ernst blocked renewal of the Violence Against Women Act, because she didn’t want to take guns away from convicted offenders. At the same time, she has joined Ben Sasse in pushing the fraudulent Born Alive anti-abortion bill, while working her darnedest to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Democratic challenger: Theresa Greenfield

Why Teresa Greenfield is an exciting candidate: Greenfield is being highlighted here because early in her campaign she received the endorsement of the DSCC. (It should be noted that this early endorsement rankled other primary candidates and that those candidates are definitely worth a look.)

Greenfield’s record also caught the attention of EMILY’s List, and they have added her to their endorsements. Her background growing up on a farm and her career as a business developer in Iowa give Greenfield the perfect combination of agriculture sensibilities and business acumen to be a strong representative of Iowa in the Senate.

Full list of primary candidates:

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