Arizona has been a red state for a long time. The last time Arizona voted for a Democratic president was 1996. Before that, it was 1948. Since 1995, both senators from the state have been Republican. That changed last year, when Krysten Sinema took office in January. The last time Arizona was represented by two Democratic senators was 1953. Will 2021 again see two Arizona Democrats in the United State Senate?

Republican incumbent: Martha McSally

Why McSally is a target: Martha McSally was never elected by the people of Arizona. After Arizonans chose Democrat Kyrsten Sinema over McSally in the 2018 Senate election, Governor Doug Ducey appointed her to fill John McCain’s Senate seat. Unlike McCain, McSally has spent her time in the Senate imitating President Trump’s ill-tempered sniping at reporters and trying to take health care away from Americans. She is extremely unpopular in Arizona.

Democratic challenger: Mark Kelly

Why Kelly is an exciting choice: For one thing, people like him. Kelly has consistently out-raised and out-polled McSally since he entered the race.

Kelly is a great candidate. Talk about stories. He is married to Gabby Giffords, the courageous former U.S. Representative who suffered a severe brain trauma after being shot at an event for her constituents in 2012. Since then Kelly and Giffords have been staunch supporters of gun safety laws, such as background checks and closing the gun show loopholes.

Kelly is a naval aviator who flew combat missions during the Gulf War and commanded the space shuttles Discovery and Endeavor . He is best known for participating in NASA’s twin study, remaining on earth while his twin brother spent a year on the international space station. He is campaigning to guarantee health coverage to all Arizonans, address climate change, and protect our social safety net.

You can read more about Mark Kelly’s campaign at his website: