Forceful and Clear Language Please

The President’s call to Georgia’s elections head on Saturday should be described in forceful, direct language. Instead, media reports use language that dances around the subject. We hear the President “issued vague threats” instead of a simple statement that the President threatened this man. We hear that Trump was “pressing the official to ‘find’ winning votes” instead of a clear statement that Trump demanded the official change the vote count.

And why do we have to keep hearing about the President’s “baseless claims’ about the election? Baseless sounds like these claims are arguable. These are lies. These are false claims.

Here’s a sub-head from the front page of the LA Times. “Recorded call reveals mix of flattery, threats to reverse president’s loss in Georgia, but election chief refuses” and there’s a quote that provides an example of the flattery. Flattery is not illegal. Pressure to commit election fraud might be.

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  1. Copy editors do seem to pussyfoot around, especially with Trump. It is not editorial to say this was an attempt to rig the election results.

    In Watergate, Nixon ordered a burglary on the Democratic National headquarters to gain competitive advantage in an upcoming election. Congress would have impeached him, had he not resigned. Trump actually attempted to subvert the election itself, which is surely a higher class of malfeasance. If this phone call is not illegal, it ought to be.

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