Flip the Senate

This page is a joint effort by Mary and Frani, friends since high school. Frani is tweeting about the Senate races so if you want the latest, check her out on twitter. The Democratic candidates have some great stories, take a look at their pages, and then, exert your influence wherever it will be most powerful.

Here’s the deal:

  • If you live in a state with an important race, volunteer! Turnout is key.
  • If you have friends or family in a state in question, let them know how important their vote is. Visit and volunteer for the Senate campaigns.
  • Call out media whenever you see unfair coverage or framing of issues in ways that will undermine the challenger candidate.
  • If you have funds to contribute, take a look and send.
  • Send some postcards or contact voters in these states.
  • Contact local campaigns and offer your services.
  • Even if it’s not your state, host a local fundraiser for the Senate candidate of your choice.
  • Remind everyone you know to vote.

We will update this page. Feel free to check out other websites. We particularly recommend: the Payback Project from Indivisible..

So, let’s get started.

There are 23 Republican seats contested in this election season. Some of these seats are considered vulnerable and have been specifically targeted by Democratic groups to be flipped. In particular, Indivisible has identified nine seats that it considers important targets.

Of the other 14 Republican seats, most are considered safe, but all have strong Democratic candidates running against the incumbent and remain in play.

Finally, there are 12 Democratic senators running for re-election. Most of these seats are considered safe, but some need special support to protect the Democratic incumbent.

The above categories include four open seats where the incumbent will not be seeking re-election. All of these seats—Kansas, New Mexico, Tennessee, and Wyoming—are considered good opportunities for a Democratic win, in particular, Kansas and New Mexico.

States we need to retain where the Democratic incumbent is vulnerable

Doug Jones (dougjones.com)
Mary: Needs to be rewarded for his impeachment trial vote.

Chris Coons (chriscoons.com)

Gary Peters (petersformichigan.com)

New Hampshire
Jeanne Shaheen (jeanneshaheen.com)

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