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Despite having voted for Trump by 5 points, Georgia is currently undergoing a progressive surge.

This is largely in response to the recent gubernatorial election, which many believe went to Brian Kemp instead of Stacey Abrams as a result of voter suppression combined with inappropriate maneuvering by the Secretary of State—who was Kemp at the time. Since losing the election, Abrams—a political force locally and a rising star nationally—has initiated a voting rights movement and has vowed to use her popularity and influence to help Democrats get elected.

Republican incumbent: David Perdue

Why Perdue is a target: Perdue might be faulted for things he says, such as “Trump has been the best president for the black community since Abraham Lincoln” or that changes to the Medicaid and Medicare are essential to help “maximize the impact of the tax cuts.” But in Georgia, he’s blamed for what he doesn’t say. When U.S. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue told American farmers “This is not the time for growth” just weeks after he said that small family-owned farms may not survive, Senator Perdue said nothing. (If the names look similar, it’s because the men are cousins.) He continued to say nothing to support those same farmers—who make up agricultural communities all across rural Georgia—as the Trump tariffs devastated the rural economy.

Tomlinson says Perdue failed on budget, farm policy

Why Georgia Democrats are exciting: Five Democratic candidates are aggressively campaigning against David Perdue. They have avoided criticizing each other and instead have focused their attacks on Perdue’s record. The group includes two popular mayors, an investigative journalist, a business executive, a healthcare professional, and a civil rights advocate, all who have used their careers to serve the public.

Although the DSCC has not yet decided which candidate to support, Democracy For American (DFA) has endorsed Teresa Tomlinson, the highly successful former mayor of Columbus, Georgia. Tomlinson is particularly interested in the farming economy, but she also believes Georgia’s dual identity as rural/urban should be united into one dynamic community.

Complete list of primary candidates:

Sarah Riggs Amico @SarahRiggsAmico

MarcKeith DeJesus @MarckeithD

Jon Ossoff @ossoff

Maya Dillard Smith @MayaforGeorgia

Teresa Tomlinson @teresatomlinson 

Mary: If you’re feeling low, just check out Teresa’s website to feel inspired.